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(Introduction to Physics) Scalars and Vectors

Distance is a scalar, while displacement is a vector. Video Rating: / 5

Rheumatoid Arthritis

View more NUCLEUS medical animations at If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D […]

7.4.1 Scalar and Vector Potentials

7.4.1 of Griffith’s Introduction to Electrodynamics 2nd Ed Potentials A and V in electrodynamics. NOTE: I get the Laplacian of […]

Introduction to Galaxies

This HD dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to the galaxies. It is designed as a motivational […]

Biological Molecules – You Are What You Eat: Crash Course Biology #3

Hank talks about the molecules that make up every living thing – carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins – and how we […]

Vectors lesson 1 – vector vs. scalar quantities, magnitude and direction, vector addition.

We introduce you guys what a vector quantity is (as opposed to scalar quantity), draw some examples of vectors (with […]

Media Regulation: Crash Course Government and Politics #45

Today we wrap up our discussion of the media by talking about how the government interacts with and influences the […]

Rust: The new building parts! (Prison Cell and Chain Link walls/blocks and double doors)

Sorry for the graphical glitch at the bottom of the screen 🙁 But i hope you still like it, I […]

Vector Intro – Scalar Multiplication and Addition

Jamie King showing the fundamentals of vector addition and scalar multiplication.

Statics Lecture 10: 2.1 Introduction to Scalars and Vectors (1080p HD)

This video presents an introduction to scalars and vectors. For the best viewing experience, please adjust the volume level and […]

How to Make a Virus – Beginner!

Heres how to make simple viruses for beginners! I will be making a total of 3 tutorials, which will be […]

Parts of a Cell Animation

Voice, artist, and editor: Aubrey Peterson. This video was made as a science project.

Metabolism & Nutrition, part 1: Crash Course A&P #36

Metabolism is a complex process that has a lot more going on than personal trainers and commercials might have you […]

Hindi : Scalar and Vector – Vector Algebra – Ch 10 – CBSE Class 12th Math

In this video we will learn introduction to scalar and vector quantities. Don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube channel to […]

Can You Perceive Acceleration?

How do our eyes scan across a landscape? Contrary to popular belief, they don’t scan smoothly across a scene, they […]

Physics: Circular motion

Physics: Circular motion. Radial acceleration. Application of Newton’s second law to movement in vertical circles and in horizontal circles This […]

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