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Beginner PHP Tutorial – 100 – Creating a Simple Contact Form Part 1

Visit my website at for all of my videos and tutorials! Have questions or looking for source code? Check out the forum at phpacademy YouTube – phpacademy Website – My Profile – Facebook – Google+ – Twitter –!/bucky_roberts Donate – Video Rating: / 5

VOLUTO! Geometry Dash [2.0] – Voluto by SpookyCube – Bycraftxx

● ID: 13903436 ► Canal Secundario: ► Twitter! ► Facebook! ► Instagram! ● Las listas de vídeos más importantes del canal! ★ Clubstep de espaldas! ★ Bychallenge! ★ 10 Cosas que no sabías de GD! ★ Especial 100.000! ★ Niveles demoníacos! Suscríbete, es Zhukulento Video Rating: / 5

Launching 165 viruses on Windows XP

Click here for a link to start the video when I am launching the viruses: To watch the last video where I launch 108 viruses on Windows 7, click here: This time I have setup a Windows XP virtual machine that has 165 viruses in a single directory and I launch them one […]

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2001, A Space Odyssey to the Blue Danube

Using the power of the free high-resolution space simulation program, Celestia, visit the world of “2001, a Space Odyssey”. Follow a meticulously choreographed dance of spacecraft from the movie, to the music of the Blue Danube. Experience the beauty of space from gifted Celestia designer Jean-Marie Le Cosperec. You can interact with all of these […]

History Channel Documentary Why The Roman Army Was So Battle Effective ?

History Channel Documentary Why The Roman Army Was So Battle Effective ? Video Rating: / 5

Lung Anatomy

Animation of chronic diseases at If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D medical animation begins with a detailed description of the anatomy and physiology of the lungs (pulmonary system). It describes the pleura and diaphragm which aid in lung expansion. The animation also deals with lung cancer and the […]

Mitochondria | Structure of a cell | Biology | Khan Academy

The structure and role of mitochondria (plural for mitochondrion). Discusses the outer membrane, inner membrane, cristae, porins, etc. Watch the next lesson: Missed the previous lesson? Biology on Khan Academy: Life is beautiful! From atoms to cells, from genes to proteins, from populations to ecosystems, biology is the study of the fascinating and […]

7.4.1 Scalar and Vector Potentials

7.4.1 of Griffith’s Introduction to Electrodynamics 2nd Ed Potentials A and V in electrodynamics. NOTE: I get the Laplacian of A wrong. It’s the Laplacian of Ax in the x direction, Laplacian of Ay in the y direction, and the Laplacian of Az in the z direction. What I described was the gradient of the […]

Biological Molecules – You Are What You Eat: Crash Course Biology #3

Hank talks about the molecules that make up every living thing – carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins – and how we find them in our environment and in the food that we eat. Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD! Follow CrashCourse on Twitter: Like CrashCourse on Facebook: Resources for this episode […]

Rust: The new building parts! (Prison Cell and Chain Link walls/blocks and double doors)

Sorry for the graphical glitch at the bottom of the screen 🙁 But i hope you still like it, I tried to bring you these nice building parts as soon as possible but they dont have animations yet! Video Rating: / 5

Vector Intro – Scalar Multiplication and Addition

Jamie King showing the fundamentals of vector addition and scalar multiplication.

Hindi : Scalar and Vector – Vector Algebra – Ch 10 – CBSE Class 12th Math

In this video we will learn introduction to scalar and vector quantities. Don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube channel to receive fresh learning lessons every day. On Facebook : Watch more videos on :

The Plasma Membrane

Educational video about the plasma membrane Video Rating: / 5

The Law of Inertia: Newton’s First Law

A test dummy rides a rocket sled down a track at 400 mph The Law of Inertia: Newton’s First Law This NASA video segment explores how Newton’s first law of motion applies to aerospace. An instructor at NASA’s National Test Pilot School defines the law of inertia and then explains how the seatbelt in […]

Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest

Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest Video Rating: / 5

Tum Hi Ho | Frank & Simran | Canadian Groom Sings to Indian Bride

Watch Frank and Simran’s Response: Inquiries: Instagram: MC by: @itsjagneetsingh #frankandsim2015 Canadian groom sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride, leaves her teary-eyed Gregoire, who got married to Simran Malhotra in Baltimore, Maryland, performed the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ at the couple’s Christian and Sikh wedding ceremony. It took Frank Gregoire […]

Fastest car in the world (top acceleration) 2015 new

I know you be waiting too long for this , so here you got ! NEW 2015 top acceleration of cars ! CHECK IT

What’s Newton’s Laws say? (What does a fox say)

Mr. M and Mr. Parker explain Newtons laws of motion to the tune of “what does a fox say” If you like this buy the original version here iTunes: Newtons Laws of Motion Song by the SinginHistoryTeachers Video Rating: / 5