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Hadoop Admin & Development | Hadoop Admin & Development Tutorial for Beginners

Hadoop Admin & Development | Hadoop Admin & Development Tutorial for Beginners
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Kernel Training ha designed classroom and online course to upgrade your real time analytics knowledge and skills on the understanding Hadoop cluster in a Hadoop Administration & Development environment. Our Hadoop administration & Development tutorial for beginners provides full information on Hadoop Admin and Development while explaining the modules in the video. In the process, you will be explained about Hadoop installation on Windows 7, Ubuntu, and the presenter will also give you a brief introduction of Hadoop architecture tutorial, and this demo can enable any developer to append knowledge. In the course of discussions, you can understand important Hadoop interview questions and answers. The basic Hadoop Development course describes on the various Hadoop components such as Hadoop pig, yarn, hive, and Sqoop. We are hopeful that this video tutorial will benefit any beginner and becomes a stepping stone to learn in detail by joining our online training courses.

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How We Teach?

1. This is an Online Course with Instructor led LIVE and Interactive Sessions.
2. The course contains Practical Work that involves Practical Hands-on, Lab Assignments, and real-world Case Studies. Candidate can conduct practical work at their own pace.
3. You will have access to 24×7 Technical Support. You can request for assistance for any problem you might face or for any clarifications you may require during the course.
4. At the end of the training, you will have to work on a real time project.
5. Course participants will get verifiable certificate after successful completion of the project work.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1
Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
Topics- Introduction- Big Data, Big Data challenges, Big Data support, History, use cases, Hadoop eco-system, HDFS, MapReduce, Statistics.

Module 2
Understanding the Cluster Administration
Topics- Introduction – Typical workflow, Writing files to HDFS & Reading files from HDFS, Rack Awareness, Overview- A typical Hadoop Cluster, Data Loading into HDFS, Introduction – Hadoop Cluster Administrator: Roles and Responsibilities, Introduction – Hadoop server roles and their usage, Rack Awareness, Anatomy of Write and Read, Replication Pipeline, Data Processing

Module 3
Map Reduce
Topics- Introduction – Before Map reduce, Overview- Map Reduce, problem, Word Count Find Solution, Map Reduce Flow, Simple problems, Algorithms for complex problems, developing the Map Reduce Application, Data Types, File Formats.

Module 4
How Map-Reduce Works
Topics- Introduction – Anatomy of Map Reduce job run, Submission, job Initialization, Task Assignment, Completion, Scheduling, Job Failures, Shuffle and sort, • Hands on Exercises.

Module 5
Map Reduce Types and Formats
Topics – Introduction – Map Reduce Types, Fundamentals – Input Formats – Input splits & records, text input, binary input, multiple inputs & database input Output Formats – text Output, binary output, multiple outputs, lazy output and database output, Labs – Hands on Exercises.

Module 6
Map Reduce Features
Topics- Introduction – Map Reduce Features, Counters, Combiner, Sorting, Practitioner, Explain – Joins – Map Side and Reduce Side, Map Reduce Distributed Cache, Side Data Distribution, Labs – Hands Exercises

Hadoop Admin:

Important Modules:
Installation [SQOOP, Pig and pig Latin, HBASE, Hadoop 2.0, MRv2 and YARN Apache Flume], Clusters, Hive, SQOOP, Pig and Pig Latin, HBASE, Hadoop 2.0, MRv2 and YARN, Apache Flume, Oozie, Introduction to Apache Storm, Introduction to Mahout, Introduction to Apache Spark.
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