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Intro to Programming in Alice 3 (6 of 7): Events

Intro to Programming in Alice 3 (6 of 7): Events

In this video, we’ll learn about events. Events tell our program when to execute certain code. In this case, we’ll use an event to make the dragon fly when we press ‘F.’

In this 7-part video series, we will teach you how to program a world in Alice 3 in which a witch summons a dragon, celebrates, and flies away!

For this video series, you will need to download Alice 3.1 here:

Alice is a drag-and-drop object-based programming environment developed by a research team at Carnegie Mellon University. The skills and thought paradigms you learn here can be extended to studies of more difficult programming languages. Alice 3.1 is not a simple upgrade to Alice 2.3. Alice 3 is designed for older students (high school+) and is well used as part of a mediated transfer to programming in Java, as there is a plugin to convert Alice programs to Java.

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