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Launching Your First Big Data Project on AWS

Launching Your First Big Data Project on AWS

Big Data is everywhere these days. But what is it and how can you use it to fuel your business? Data is as important to organizations as labour and capital, and if organizations can effectively capture, analyze, visualize and apply big data insights to their business goals, they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and outperform them in terms of operational efficiency and the bottom line.

Join this session to understand the different AWS Big Data and Analytics services such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Hadoop), Amazon Redshift (Data Warehouse) and Amazon Kinesis (Streaming), when to use them and how they work together.

Reasons to attend:
Learn how AWS can help you process and make better use of your data with meaningful insights.
Learn about Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Amazon Redshift, fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse solutions.
Learn about real time data processing with Amazon Kinesis.
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