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12 Substances That Laugh in the Face of Physics

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Introduction to the Origin of Life

This dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to the Origins of LIFE on Earth. It is designed as a motivational “trailer” to be shown by Biology and Life Science teachers in middle and high school and college as a visual “Introduction” to the topic of how life began. Please rate this video […]

Newton’s 2nd Law

Demonstration on Newton’s 2nd Law Video Rating: / 5

DNA Structure and Replication: Crash Course Biology #10

Hank introduces us to that wondrous molecule deoxyribonucleic acid – also known as DNA – and explains how it replicates itself in our cells. Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD! Like CrashCourse on Facebook: Follow CrashCourse on Twitter: References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: […]

Cells Rap – Parts of the Cell Rap – Songs for children

LYRICS: We’re going to learn about the CELL, cells are made of ORGANELLES We’re going to learn about the CELL, cells are made of ORGANELLES The CELL MEMBRANE surrounds the cell, the CELL MEMBRANE protects the cell We’re going to learn about the CELL, cells are made of ORGANELLES The CYTOPLASM is inside the cell, […]

Quantum Entanglement Documentary – Atomic Physics and Reality

Want to learn more about quantum entanglement? Check out Want to learn, even more, on Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and the Holographic Principle? Check out Here’s more about Quantum Entanglement Applied to Game Theory – A historical account from 1985 of the long standing debate between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein regarding […]

Reaction to 950 bhp Nissan GTR acceleration – ROLLING BOOST

A short burst of acceleration in a 950 BHP Severn Valley Motorsport tuned Nissan GTR. Yet to join? Facebook: Twitter: Website: Facebook: Video Rating: / 5

How to select a good engineering college – Career Plus – Tv9

How to select a good engineering college – Career Plus – Tv9 â–º Subscribe to Tv9 Telugu Live: â–º Circle us on G+: â–º Like us on Facebook: â–º Follow us on Twitter: â–º Pin us on Pinterest: Video Rating: / 5

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear fusion and fission, gamma rays, neutron scattering & capture, alpha & beta decay, binding energy, and many other topics. Important Correction: At 13:57, the proton is converting into a neutron. My Patreon page:

The wacky history of cell theory – Lauren Royal-Woods

View full lesson: Scientific discovery isn’t as simple as one good experiment. The weird and wonderful history of cell theory illuminates the twists and turns that came together to build the foundations of biology. Lesson by Lauren Royal-Woods, animation by Augenblick Studios. Video Rating: / 5

16. Learning: Support Vector Machines

MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010 View the complete course: Instructor: Patrick Winston In this lecture, we explore support vector machines in some mathematical detail. We use Lagrange multipliers to maximize the width of the street given certain constraints. If needed, we transform vectors into another space, using a kernel function. License: Creative Commons […]

Cell Structure Overview | Cell Biology

Segment from the program Cells: The Structure of Life. To purchase this program visit

2016 Dodge Viper ACR – Acceleration & High Speed Runs (Autobahn)

2017 marks the Vipers last year in production. However, an automotive legend like this doesn´t leave without that one last hurra. Introducing: the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR. Special thanks to GeigerCars Munich. Video filmed w/ GoPro Hero4.

The Plasma Membrane

Educational video about the plasma membrane Video Rating: / 5

The Law of Inertia: Newton’s First Law

A test dummy rides a rocket sled down a track at 400 mph The Law of Inertia: Newton’s First Law This NASA video segment explores how Newton’s first law of motion applies to aerospace. An instructor at NASA’s National Test Pilot School defines the law of inertia and then explains how the seatbelt in […]

Parts of a Neuron Cell (Marcus Holzberg)

Neuron: Parts and Basic Functions. Video Rating: / 5