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Physics – Mechanics: Newton’s Second Law and Rotational Motion (5 of 10) Banked, No Friction

Visit for more math and science lectures! In this video I will show you how to calculate the max. velocity before a car would skid off a turn on an icy banked road. Video Rating: / 5

Sleep Apnea

View more NUCLEUS medical animations at If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D medical animation shows normal respiratory anatomy, and how obstructive sleep apnea happens. Common symptoms, complications, and treatments for this disorder are also shown.

Calculating Speed and Velocity From a data table

Using a data table to calculate average speed, determine when the person moved the fastest and slowest, and how fast or slow they went. Also discusses the essential pieces of a graph. In the second data table, it reads 8 min, then 5 min … that is a typo … it should start with 0 […]

DNA, Hot Pockets, & The Longest Word Ever: Crash Course Biology #11

Hank imagines himself breaking into the Hot Pockets factory to steal their secret recipes and instruction manuals in order to help us understand how the processes known as DNA transcription and translation allow our cells to build proteins. Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD! Like CrashCourse on Facebook! Follow CrashCourse on […]

Discovery Channel – Parasites Eating Us Alive – Top Documentary Films

Discovery Channel – Parasites Eating Us Alive – Top Documentary Films Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5

Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest

Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest Coast To Coast AM – January 24, 2016 New Physics & Mystery Guest Video Rating: / 5

The American Civil War Full Documentary Films History Documentaries Channel

The American Civil War Full Documentary Films History Documentaries Channel Full Length Non-Stop for over 8 hours Ironclad Battle – The Month That Saved America April 1865 – Battlefield Detectives Antietam – Battlefield Detectives Shiloh Civil War – Secret Missions Of The American Civil War – The Lost Battle Of The American Civil War – […]

Can you push a spacecraft with light?

This episode is brought to you by Squarespace: ‪ What if you could power a ship using sunlight instead of wind? Well in space, you can! Solar sails or light sails are pushed with light from the sun. Photons provide a kick when they reflect off the sail pushing the sail like an air molecule […]

Tum Hi Ho | Frank & Simran | Canadian Groom Sings to Indian Bride

Watch Frank and Simran’s Response: Inquiries: Instagram: MC by: @itsjagneetsingh #frankandsim2015 Canadian groom sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride, leaves her teary-eyed Gregoire, who got married to Simran Malhotra in Baltimore, Maryland, performed the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ at the couple’s Christian and Sikh wedding ceremony. It took Frank Gregoire […]

The SPEED IS DISTANCE OVER TIME song – Mr. Edmonds To the tune of “Ain’t No Mt. High Enough” !

Mr. Edmonds rocks out with another song (to the tune of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) to reinforce motion concepts such as speed, velocity, acceleration, and deceleration. The words go fast – so get ready! Words and Chords are in “Docs” section on TeacherTube for “dsecms”. Here is an awesome link to a video a […]

Fastest car in the world (top acceleration) 2015 new

I know you be waiting too long for this , so here you got ! NEW 2015 top acceleration of cars ! CHECK IT

Cell Membrane Passive Transport | Cell Biology

Segment from the program Cell Membranes: The Boundaries of Life. To purchase this program please visit Video Rating: / 5

Cell Structure and Function

Cell Structure and Function Video Rating: / 5

What’s Newton’s Laws say? (What does a fox say)

Mr. M and Mr. Parker explain Newtons laws of motion to the tune of “what does a fox say” If you like this buy the original version here iTunes: Newtons Laws of Motion Song by the SinginHistoryTeachers Video Rating: / 5

Introduction to the Life of Stars

This is a new high definition (HD) dramatic video choreographed to powerful music that introduces the viewer/student to the life cycle of stars. It is designed as a motivational “trailer” to be shown by teachers in Physical Science, Earth Science and Astronomy classrooms in middle school, high school and college as a visual Introduction to […]

0-200 km/h : Ferrari LAFERRARI insane acceleration (Motorsport)

Come onboard the supercar LaFerrari for an insane acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h ! Engine : V12 + electric Power : 963 PS Torque : 900 NM Weight : 1 420 kg Price : 1 200 000 € SUBSCRIBE HERE ► JOIN US ON FACEBOOK► MOTORSPORT WEBSITE► MOTORSPORT DIGITAL►