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Pre-algebra – 1 – Introduction

Pre-algebra – 1 – Introduction




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Let’s face it, chances are math is your least favorite subject. I know lots of people who think math is useless and dumb. They cringe at the mention of math. They hate math. Worst of all, I think most people are afraid of it.

So, why do they hate math? We’ll that’s something I’m going to be covering in today’s article/video. I’ll be talking about why math gets such a terrible reputation, why math is actually amazing, then I’ll end it with a quick introduction to this course. So, let’s get started.

Math seems to get so much hate because, let’s face it, it’s taught the worst. There are very few teachers that have the passion for math to teach it correctly. In my school, the math teachers were by far the worst (monotone, overweight and a push over) and I know it’s like that for most people to. So what do we do about it? How are we going to fix it?
We need teachers that have that charisma and passion for mathematics. You know those teachers, the ones that class you look forward to during school. The teachers that inspire you about the subject and make you actually care about it. Yes, we need more of those teachers. How are we going to get them… well… I’m going to save that for a different article and video.

Another big reason why math gets so much hate is because people think that math is too restrictive. All people learn in high school is how to use the quadratic formula. They don’t know the history of it (for the history of it, checkout my old algebra video). People seem to think that math just appeared and that all of its mysteries are solved.
How I’m going to fix this, and what’s really different in this course from other courses, is that I’m going to be telling the story behind the mathematics. I’m not only going to be talking about the how, but the who, what, where and when. I’ll also talk about some unexplored areas of mathematics in this series.

Now let’s talk about why math is awesome. One of the most commonly asked questions in a high school math course is “when am I ever going to need to know this?” I hate this question for a couple of reasons. First, ninety-eight percent of what you learn in school isn’t going to get used. That’s just a fact of life. Secondly, this totally misses a point with what education as a whole is about.

Education is not about getting a job. It’s not about getting good grades. It’s not about learning to cook, or learning about history or learning about math. Education is about learning to learn. Education is about taking an hour to expand your mind. To understand how you and the world around you works. You may not use the math you learned, but you will use the discipline you gained while learning math in the world around you.
So why is math specifically the best subject? Cause in math you will face huge problems. Problems that will not take you hours or days or weeks… but years to complete. Math will take your weak, undisciplined brain and turn it into a machine. Math will kick your ass… and I’m going to make sure you love every minute of it.

So, I know I already have a couple of courses in math (algebra and number theory), but I want to start fresh. Start from the beginning. So the first course in the new series will be on pre-algebra. I’ll take you from addition to fractions to exponents. We’ll also take a quick look at other disciplines in the math world. Currently, this course is set to be 20 videos, however it is a journey. It will take as long as it needs to.
So let’s start already! Let’s start learning pre-algebra!
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