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We Are What We Eat: The Food Documentary – Documentary Channel Junk food is meals including high levels of calories from sweets or fat with little protein, vitamins or minerals. In spite of being labeled as “junk,” such foods generally do not present any sort of instant health problems and are generally secure when incorporated […]

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Join me, Simona and Bakerino in today’s video of the MOST ADDICTIVE GAME EVER EPISODE 15 – Agario. Today we became CREEPERS from Minecraft and SSS BOOMED some agario players 😀 I also showed how to eat some agario viruses/splitters to gain +100 mass per virus for free … easy! 😀 If you haven’t heard […]

Read More Without good food, no battles could be won. Did British or German soldiers eat better in the First World War? Historian Dan Snow puts it to the test. Video Rating: / 5

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