The Learning Edge Historian Dan Snow finds out how one low-tech weapon system in the First World War had a huge impact: barbed wire.

Read More Without good food, no battles could be won. Did British or German soldiers eat better in the First World War? Historian Dan Snow puts it to the test. Video Rating: / 5

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Read More Tanks were invented by the British during the First World War. Historian Dan Snow traces their development, from prototype to battlefield fixture. Video Rating: / 5

Read More An army is as good as the kit its soldiers use. In 1914, which army was the best equipped? Historian Dan Snow finds out. Video Rating: / 5

Read More Dan puts to the test two of the most iconic weapons of the war. The Mauser Gewehr ’98 and the Lee Enfield Short Magazine MkIII were the standard issue rifles for the German and British armies respectively. Video Rating: / 5

Read More Wars naturally create myths and legends. Some of those from the First World War still persist to this day. Video Rating: / 5

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