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Top 5 Craziest Drugs

Top 5 Craziest Drugs

Top 5 Craziest Drugs. These drugs are insane and they make you do crazy things + they destroy your body from the inside out. Very harmful, let this video be a good warning!

5. Krokodil

Krokodil is primarily derived from readily available codeine, and regularly causes gangrene in its users because of harmful byproducts. This highly addictive, physically destructive and crazy cheap drug was designed in Russia as an alternative to heroin. Krokodil can turn an addict’s skin dark, scaly and necrotic and cause it to wither away, hence the street name Krokodil. In some cases, limbs even rotted of the body.

4. Wet

Wet is one of the mixture’s street names, it refers to a marijuana joint dipped in PCP and the PCP component on its own. PCP has bizarre psychological effects in human beings and even made a few users commit grotesque murders. A Camden, New Jersey mother, high on the drug, decapitated her own son and placed his head in the kitchen freezer in a fit of violent psychosis.

3. Bromo Dragonfly

Bromo-dragonfly earned its name for its molecular structure looking like a dragonfly. This powerful drug can act like a super-charged version of LSD and is even sold as LSD sometimes. The trip Bromo will give you lasts much longer though as it can be active in your system for as much as 3 days. One user has been quoted saying “It was like being dragged to hell and back again. Many times. It is the most evil [thing] I’ve ever tried. It lasted an eternity”

2. Jenkem

Jenkem is a hallucinogenic inhalant created using fermented human waste. And by fermented human waste we mean poop and pee. It is made by scraping sewer pipes and keeping the waste in a bottle for a week or so. When finished, you inhale the fumes coming from the bottle. Jenkem is mainly used by street kids in Zambia as a cheaper alternative to glue sniffing.

1. Scopolamine

This drug goes by the street name devil’s breath because it is administered by blowing the powder directly into someone’s face. It is popular in the Colombian criminal world for turning its victims into supposed zombies. Devil’s breath is infamous for completely destroying a users/victims free will.

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